Sunday, November 6, 2011

Toit, Indiranagar, Bangalore : Restaurant Review

The name Toit - I gathered from their website, implies 'full tight' or tipsy/sloshed.

Leaning on pillar no 62 of Namma Metro, the founders of Toit decided to quit their nine to five jobs to give Bengaluru a brewpub. The beer is not quite brewing yet but they promise to serve hand crafted beer soon. Till then they call themselves a pub serving great food.

Toit is a refreshing change to the pub and restaurant scene in Bangalore. Huge airy split-level space with four separate sitting zones. Enjoy a pub atmosphere, or that of a restaurant in the family enclouser, or catch up with friends in the lounge-like area, or move to the open-air smoking zone. The brick walls and dark wooden furnishing, combined with the high-ceiling and good lighting give it the look and feel of an old world pub.

A bunch of friends and I visited this place on a Saturday evening. The place was filling up fast. Luckily, we had made a reservation.

The menu listed interesting cocktails. We ordered a pitcher of Green Apple Mojito (green apple slivers in white rum, crushed ice and mint) and a glass of Long Beach Iced Tea (vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, lime, cranberry juice). The quantity of Mojito in the pitcher was more than generous. The alcohol quotient was high in both the cocktails - left us feeling quite merry!

Green Apple Mojito

The food menu is pretty varied. We tried the Barbecued baby corn. It was simply awesome - spicy, tangy and crisp. Complemented the drinks beautifully. Next, we ordered Mexican Bhel - nachos in cheese sauce and veggies. Turned out to be a regular fare.

For main course, we tried the wood-fire thin crust Veggie Attack pizza. Baked-to-perfection pizza with a load of assorted veggies and cheese. However, I think it could have been spiced up a bit - it was rather bland. But the quantity in terms of size was large.

Veggie Attack

Next on the list, we tried the veg Moussaka (a Greek dish filled with veggies, topped with a creamy bechamel sauce and baked to a golden brown). This dish was perfect - not too dry or soggy, delicate subtle flavor and the bechamel sauce was sinfully creamy. Decent portions again, however I wish they served us some garlic bread as an accompaniment. We ordered it separately (and reminded the person serving us about it a couple of times) and it was finally served along with the dessert - by which time we had devoured the Moussaka! Says something about their service on a weekend....more on that bit later.

Veg Moussaka

Toit Special

The star on the table was the dessert. Called Toit Special, its a sinful rich chocolate layered cake - we counted about 7 layers - and is served flambéed. Absolutely yuuuuummmmm! This dramatic end to a signature meal (Toit's own words) was dramatic alright. Garlic bread with Toit Special! And the confused waiter had absolutely no clue what he was doing. Added to this - the waiters were huddled in groups and seemed more busy gossipping than serving the guests.

On a Saturday night, understandably Toit is bursting at the seams with diners, but they just cannot manage the crowd. They still need to go a long way in terms of providing efficient service.

In spite of poor service, I would still recommend Toit. Good music, great crowd, a fun place to catch up with friends over drinks (excellent cocktails) and good food to compliment the drinks.

Verdict: 3.8/5

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