Monday, January 23, 2012

Spaghetti Kitchen, Koramangala : Restaurant Review

Cheerful, tastefully done up (lavish) restaurant in Italian ceramics and glass +
Stylish cutlery +
Assortment of wine bottles +
A yummy-looking dessert counter +
A menu with exorbitant prices it make holes in your wallet just looking at it +
A name like Spaghetti Kitchen = ??
Good Italian cuisine worth the money spent? Well, yes. Spaghetti Kitchen in Koramangala Bangalore does serve good Italian food, however with some sore points.

My husband and I dined there last night after high recommendations from cousin A*.

Every table is served a complimentary bread basket comprising bread sticks, a couple of rolls and some focaccia with a dip. Started with some beer and moved onto shooters. We ordered shots of Sleazy Kamikaze (tequila, blue curacao, and lime). Turned out to be a pretty mild shot, but refreshing never-the-less.

French fries with Aglio dip is what we ordered as an appetizer. The fries turned out to regular fare, but what made a difference was the dip - simply delicious - creamy and yummy!

After sinfully deep fried fires, we wanted to go healthy and try a salad that we've never had before. So we zeroed in on the Insalata Tabouleh Di Quinoa. At this point, we asked the waiter what exactly this salad was. He could not explain and dint know what to say. My take is that people here are still discovering Italian food and it helps to have knowledgeable staff - specially if you have fancy names straight of the streets of Italy and prices to match. A foodie like me would definitely want to know in detail about what I'm eating. We anyway ordered it and discovered that it is a vegetarian salad with toasted quinoa grain (a gluten free grain ), tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans. Healthy veggies all the way - and a tasty salad too!

This was followed by their signature dish - Penne Vodka (penne tossed in a light pomodoro tomato-cream sauce with sweet onion and flamed with vodka, finished with shavings of parmesan and Italian parsley) for the main course. On the whole, this dish was very tasty. However, there was hardly any trace of vodka. Also, the menu gives the impression of the dish being flamed at the table, but nothing as dramatic happened. When we asked the waiter first and then the manager, both said it was already flamed in kitchen, if you please!

Also, no parmesan shavings, and I spotted exactly one parsley leaf. We had to order garlic bread as a separate accompaniment. Served cold I might add.

We were pretty full after the penne dish, but with my sweet tooth, I had to end the Italian meal with Tiramisu. And I'm glad I did so - as this was the star of the meal. The dessert serving was pretty big as compared to the main course and salad. Creamy, with juicy layers of cake and coffee on top.

Would recommend this place for an Italian meal albeit with a HUGE hole in the pocket. Tiny portions= big price tag. Overall, a decent dining experience, quick service and polite staff who know absolutely nothing about Italian food.

Verdict: 3.5/5

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