Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gaadi Thindis

One evening, a bunch of friends and I set off on a 'gaadi thindi' (street food served in carts/small joints) expedition in Jayanagar.  We craved authentic delicious street food, close to the vicinity we lived in, and decided to try Hari's Super Sandwich first as we had never been there.

Hari's Super Sandwich

Situated in Jayanagar 3rd block, this is a simple hole-in-the wall kind of joint, where you stand and eat. Their 'Sakath Sandwich'  (Sakath is a Kannada slag for superb) menu includes a variety of sandwiches such as chilli cheese toast, dahi toast, cheese gulkan sandwich, jam toast, and chocolate toast to name a few. Their signature dish is the chilli cheese toast and vegetable cheese toast. 

 I loved the fact that the bread is toasted on the typical home-style 'tava' as opposed to fancy grills. Toasted with loads of butter and stuffed with cheesy /  chocolaty delights - it is a sure-shot hunger pang killer.  The sandwiches are cut into small bits and served piping hot off the tava. Delicious & truly Sakath!

Their 'Chindi Chaat' (chindi is a Kannada slang for awesome) section includes most of the local Bangalore style chaats such as dahi  chudwa, congress masala, bread masala and dahi mix. Chaats are spicy, tasty and fresh.

Service is quick even when there is a crowd. Lovely to eat here on a cool evening, under the trees. A slight drizzle makes it even better!

Sandwiches, although filling for me, were not enough for my friends. So we zeroed in on Krishna's idli-dose gaadi which is a few streets away.

Krishna's Idli-Dose Gaadi

In Jayanagar 2nd block, every evening after 6pm, 9th main road  comes alive because of Krishna's gaadi. The road is choc-a-block with  cars and two-wheelers struggling to find parking space, and people thronging in groups on the footpath to sample the delights from Krishna's gaadi.

He serves super soft and fluffy masala  idlis and varieties of doses. Apart from the regular masal dose, he serves beet-root masala. The dose stuffing in this one has a beet-root palya which is pretty tasty. Chutney is spicy and tangy. Car-service is an added advantage.

A must-try for idli-dose lovers.

Street food, apart from being easy on the wallet, offers variety, taste and is normally served in a jiffy. Plus, the entire experience of eating 'street food' is totally satisfying in every sense of the word.

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