Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thalassa, Vagator, Goa : Restaurant Review

Thalassa means sea in Greek.  Perched on the edge of a cliff, this open air Greek restaurant in Vagator, a small village in North Goa offers a stunning view of the Arabian Sea and sunsets.

Thalassa offers a fabulous ambiance; ocean view, cool sea-breeze, interiors styled in white and beige, white muslin drapes, white walls and beige cane furniture complete with strands of white flowers suspended along the drapes. Plus comfortable seating and candle light as it gets dark. Unfortunately I do not have good shots of the property to put up on my blog, please do google and have a look.

A big group of us happened to visit Thalassa on a Saturday night with a reservation the previous evening – in spite of which we had to wait for about twenty minutes. Being a weekend, the place was swarming with diners with hardly any leg room. We almost decided to head out of the place doubting the efficiency of the staff on such a busy night…well almost, because out of laziness we decided to hang in right there and – surprise surprise!!! The owner Mariketty and her team turned out to be super-efficient and friendly. Our orders were taken real quick, and drinks delivered to the table even quicker – the hospitable staff even provided us a room to feed a small infant who was in our group. Furthermore, food was served piping hot and fresh.

White wine sangria was WOW! Very refreshing, fruity and fresh – surprisingly not sweet.
 Vegetable grill platter was decent, with dips and pits bread on the side
 Pita bread tomato bruschetta was served with crisp and crunchy tomatoes and fantastic feta cheese.
 Pita bread garlic and cheese margarita pizza for the kids was yumm – they loved it.
 Vegetable Moussaka was creamy, rich and full of flavor
Risotto was a disappointment – tasted like our very own lemon rice aka chitra anna with olives thrown in. No red wine flavor as promised in the menu.
 Chocolate mousse cake was yummy – the kids loved it, rich, chocolaty, soft and moist.
 Kataifi was…well different. Sugary and rich, loaded with nuts. Could not help noticing how very similar it is to our South Indian traditional sweet – peni. We even called it the Greek Peni!
 The Baklava was to die for – crisp and flaky with a heavenly coconut filling, served with ice-cream.
Profiteroles were good.

It is easy to see why Thalassa is popular and packed; warm hospitality by Mariketty and team, relaxed Greek culture infused ambiance,  personalized service and recommendation, deadly and exotic cocktails and most importantly delicious Greek food.

Surely going back there very soon!

Verdict: 4.5/5

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