Friday, December 26, 2014

Vaathsalya Millet Cafe, JP Nagar, Bangalore - Restaurant Review

Vaathsalya Millet Cafe, as the name suggests, is a concept cafe that uses millet in every dish.

This is located on the JP nagar 15th cross ring road at the Nandini signal underpass (opposite Damro furniture). A spacious house is converted to a cosy cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. A clean, spacious and tasteful interior with light instrumental music playing in the background makes the ambience very inviting.

I went for lunch to this cafe with my mother out of curiosity - to check if health food can actually taste good.  I ordered a thali - and was I surprised! 

The cafe believes in serving fresh, simple and local food - so the menu is very native to Karnataka - hot ragi rotti, tangy and tasty green tomato chutney, wholesome soya grain and capsicum curry that tasted really good, raitha, brown rice, soppin palya (greens subzi) mildly spiced sprouted curry, doddpathre buttermilk curry, paayasa made of brown rice, channa dal and jaggery and methi and aralu (puffed rice) malted buttermilk. Note that the menu changes every day.

The enterprising lady who runs the cafe informed us that no food colouring, artificial flavours or soda is used. Every dish is prepared keeping in mind the health benefit of the grains and keeping the dish light, simple and wholesome.

Every dish served was unique in taste. Lots of effort had gone into understanding nutritional value of grains and presenting and serving healthy and fresh food. 

The cafe also sells a variety of food products such as malts, flax seeds powder, ragi dosa mix and ragi thambittu (a traditional sweet preparation with ragi flour, jaggery and whole spices) amongst others.

Service was quick and the staff was very courteous. However, for healthy eaters, the portions could seem frugal.

If you like home style simple and healthy food and believe in eating local, a visit to Vaathsalya cafe is a must.

PS: Easy on the wallet - a thali costs Rs 120.

Verdict : 4/5